Are Air Duct Cleaning Services Worth It?

Various times throughout the year you might find yourself being hoarded with adverts of local air duct cleaning services that are offering to come to your property and clean out your air duct services.

The Ads will more than likely hold very similar information and the only thing likely to differ is the company name and the actual presentation of the leaflet or brochure. However the air duct cleaners will essentially be offering to do the same thing.

One thing that previous air duct cleaning NYC customers cannot deny is that the services are able to do what they claim to do, and they are able to prove why you need it. For those that do not already know why air duct cleaning, here is a brief explanation.

How are Air Ducts Cleaned

Air Duct CleaningAir duct cleaning systems often run inside the walls or unreachable areas of your property. As you can imagine over the years a huge amount of dust and debris can build up and there have also been cases where inches of mold has been found within a system.

Having the air you breathe pass through these horrible substances can actually impose a risk on your health and cause illness.

Air duct cleaning services basically offer you the chance to have a few air duct cleaners attend your property and clean your entire system. They use various tools such as specialist vacuums that have been designed to go inside an air duct system and reach all of those places that a human hand cannot reach. Before they start cleaning they will however diagnose just how built up your air duct problem is so they are know they have the tools needed to remove it.

They are likely to bring a number of tools into your home to help them along the way, such as vacuums, air compressors and various cleaning solutions that will help to remove the mold and debris that has become stuck to the metal air duct.


Is air duct cleaning worth it? In reality it is, the more your air ducts become packed with dust, debris and mold the more chance it has on impacting your life with illness and health issues. The services are not really expensive for the service you receive and it is usually okay to have your ducts cleaning every 1 or so years