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 Our purpose is simple. Be the enforcement arm of the people when law enforcement refuses to arrest or remove known criminals either elected or appointed to public office.

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Quite possibly the most important video you can watch
Your cities/counties/State and Federal governments are all corporations and all are chartered to fool you into thinking they are actually public officials. This and remains a BALD FACED LIE!
Clayton and Henry County Board of Commissioners have been put on notice that the gig is up. Both counties are run by their respective (Henry/Clayton) Governmental Finance Corp's. The CEO's of both are their Board of Commissioners Chairman. Jeff Turner for Clayton and Tommy Smith for Henry (Georgia). What has been uncovered is the simple fact that the seats they were elected to fill remain unfilled as these commissioners choose instead to be corporate officers and members. It's a great way to increase their financial wealth through any number of corporate tricks. All the while parading around as representatives of the people.

Each part of the counties is separately incorporated. Police, Fire and Rescue, Sheriff's Department, County Courts, Water Department.., etc.

This also means we are free to negotiate contracts with  the various entities. Elections mean absolutely nothing anymore as there are NO public office seats currently filled. They are all part of the main one which goes by the name of UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT which also uses UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.  as their alternate name. These are foreign owned corporations and all government is currently acting in absolute and complete FRAUD!
Tuesday, the 16th of June, I will again be in front of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners providing them and the public, the rest of the story.
The Articles of incorporation for Henry County are an exact copy of those for Clayton. Only the names have changed.
They can do as they see fit. Reimburse for ANYTHING they call an expense and benefit their friends and family with lucrative contracts hidden from the public eye.
Now do you see the reality of government? There is no such thing, only corporations and you are their slaves, like it or not.
They wage war against you with daily doses of chemicals and crisis. Cleverly crafted to enable easy control and monitoring.
The American Public is now very much like a patient in an  ICU of most any Hospital. Keep the image..

What one issue is big enough to bring current and past criminals to Justice? Which one offers the opportunity to prevent "Plausible deniability" as an excuse?

Ladies and gentlemen, with the overwhelming preponderance of evidence now in and before you, how long will you continue to put up with being purposefully poisoned by your RULERS. That's right rulers.

Benjamin Franklin warned us that what the founders created was a Republic "if you can keep it". We didn't and now reap what our apathetic lives have sown. I would not be surprised if, after reading these words, some one in the ruling class didn't hurt himself laughing outrageously at the mere thought this writer has that words of such a terminally blunt and totally truthful  nature were yet  able to penetrate the foggy veil your masters have so slowly, incrementally and successfully infused into your brains or, sadly, what remains of them.

You rolled your eyes at the mention of Political corruption,

You turned your back on those who warned what Barack Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, the muslim was about to do after usurping the Presidency.

You continue to show how incredibly self centered and uncaring a people can be even though the fruit of your loins will suffer greatly because of it.

Now, as your masters script the next obstacle course for you to traverse, justice will either live or die based on what you do next. You killed the American dream through inaction and now stand squarely before your Judge. The price for indifference? Your progeny. Your kids and grandkids, those that survive are slated to be  the playthings of your tormentors.

Be sure to download the PDF document below. It will be a great piece to save for the Historical Archives.

Above, proof you are being poisoned. Below, more proof your property is being stolen.  The two have one thing in common. Both are acts of war against you, being perpetrated by those you pay to rule over and entertain you. USA, Inc. and the Ruling Elite have successfully excised all drive, desire, capacity to act and intelligence from the American landscape leaving only the frog brought to a slow boil syndrome to play out as they up your dose and steal your land at a rate just below that which would stir emotion. Space  based cameras now eliminate the need for Hollywood as their real time fun and attention can now be focused on false flag scripts playing out in our lives and on their NSA tethered screens. 
Really though, even as the heat is turned up, isn't it just incredibly masterful how they've used centuries to craft your exquisite demise. Come on, everybody, stand up and give them a really big round of applause. After all, they made you cast players so you're a part of it. Take a bow George, Bill, David, Henry, Ted, Jimmy and  the other hundreds who made this, the greatest show on Earth, possible. Yes, you're welcome, we realize you couldn't do it without us. Oh, and before we forget, be sure to send our warmest regards to the Crown and the Vatican for their work in setting up the logistics. If we forgot to remember everyone involved we're sure you'll understand why. 

If the truth is really what you want and action rather than discussion is your goal, then watch the video below (1.5 hrs. +) and visit the site referenced here:

Examples are sure to be posted but you can begin now to craft your own criminal complaints citing the referenced facts on this scannedretina web  page Police chiefs, detectives, sheriff's should be obvious first choices. The people you call Congressmen and Senators who in reality are nothing more than trusties (search the same site for that reference) might also be called out since there is no chance they are not aware. If not inclined to be a part of the solution then this won't be your cup of tea.

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August 13, 2014


All the evidence uncovered thus far is overwhelming proof that the original 13th Amendment DID get ratified (documents below this video on the Right side)  and as such, is LAW! Conversely the 14th and 15th were never ratified by anything other than military plants, coercion, and deception. Beyond that, the Supremacy clause (Art. VI) makes the 14th in particular, NULL and VOID. It was Esquires who did this and it remains Esquires that are in an open state of rebellion by their steadfast denial and refusal to accept the fact that they are BUSTED!

Something new just came up regarding the issue of the 13th. The Vatican source for the Scannedretina web site posted what appeared to be a chronology error when she referenced thee Treaty of Verona, 1845 as being the reason for the update to the titles of nobility clause. Most historians place the original 13th as being submitted in 1810 and this site has what it considers the facts to its ratification shortly thereafter so what was the 1845 reference. Being privy to facts we mere mortals (No offense Anna) may never see she confirms it was after that treaty when the inclusion of ESQ. was made to the titles clause. To date, no one has even remotely considered searching this new time frame but in the interest of being factually correct this needs to be read. It also now makes better sense for why the founders, many of which had that title, seemingly ignored that provision. So let the record show that given the fact of the 13th having been ratified, it was the acts of Congress AFTER 1845 (probably within 1-3 yrs) that included the stronger language of this additional titles inclusion. Someone with the ability to do this should scurry over to the National Archives and search through the Congressional records for that reference lest a Sandy Berger style theft of those references should cause them to disappear.  Researchers, loose the hounds!

August 13, 2014


The video above is the work of another Patriot I call friend, Gus Breton. Shot on location at the Hartford, New Hampshire Library. In addition, a more complete listing, recently uncovered will have its own page on this site within a few days. For now I'll post the pdf file containing the above noted listing. I would say enjoy but this truth exposed is not any form of entertainment. Everything here is extremely sobering. The only smile you'll get from this is the one you have when the light finally switches on in your brain. 

These three PDF files contain proof of the 13th Amendment having been ratified. This means that on this page alone you have everything except the actual documents cited. Those too you can have or get If you're willing to spread the word. We're here to help insure this massive fraud is reversed As Soon and Humanely, As Possible.

From the pen of an former emisary to the Pope, you'll get "the rest of the story". What Anna Von Reitz will show you and with what Bruce Ray Riggs has chronicled and the once unblievable comes to life in front of your eyes. You'll never fully awaken from this Matrix style slumber until and unless you can understand how this all ties together. So, here's introducing my favorite web site.stay on the page you land on until it makes sense, then explore the wealth of other facts and opinions from the rest of its pages. The creator of it is Arnie Rosner and I count him as one of my dearest friends.....

These videos and a lot more can be viewed and studied on the web site


Bruce Ray Riggs first brought his message to my attention 5 years ago and it has taken every bit of that for me to finally and completely understand his message. I'll plead being mentally challenged for taking so long. Along the way of my journey I wound up verifying and validating every point your about to learn and I wouldn't trade a single day of that experience, not one. Now to use this knowledge and educate others while figuring out a way to shut down these criminal courts. These Rico rocking perverts who've figured out how to morph from wimpy little schoolyard nerds to powerful, legalese speaking nerds, hell bent on destroying everything in their wake. I see the natural order of life returning with a vengance. When you realize that every war and all the lives lost in them, starting with the war of 1812 has been directly attributable to these soulless monsters you'll begin to understand the scope of the problem you're about read.   

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