Georgia County’s Republican Party Stands Up to the Probable Usurpation of the Presidency

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One Georgia County’s Republican Party Stands Up to the Probable Usurpation of the Presidency

by Sharon Rondeau

Clayton County is located within the greater Atlanta metropolitan area

(Aug. 2, 2011) – Mr. Carl Swensson, chairman of the Clayton County, GA Republican Party, has reported that a Resolution and cover letter have been sent to three members of the U.S. House of Representatives contending that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” as required by the U.S. Constitution to serve as president and demanding “unfettered access” to Obama’s records purportedly held by various state and federal agencies.

The Resolution is dated March 12, 2011, while the letters to the congressmen were dated and sent on August 2, 2011. Swensson reported that there are approximately 40 members of the Clayton County Republican Party, and the Resolution was passed by a “vast majority” in March.

Of the effort to gain the attention and action of the first three congressmen to whom the documents were sent, Swensson told The Post & Email:

It took a while longer than I thought but we’re on our way. The first three I sent off were to Congressmen Darrell Issa, Tom Price and David Scott. Price and Scott are from GA. The effort now shifts focus to the Sec. of the Clayton County Rep Party who will now be addressing the rest of the envelopes for delivery to everyone cited on the resolution.

Some may ask, why bother? Letters, faxes, E-Mails and phone calls have resulted in nothing being done.

This effort by the Clayton County, GA Republican Party is just a bit different in that an entire county’s Republican Party is backing this effort and by default, the State as well. Yes, the State GOP is going to have a fit since this puts them in the unenviable position of either supporting these reasonable efforts or disowning an entire County Party. Either way, we will not back down.

The next issue has to do with enforcement. As you’ll see, ignoring the letter will result in criminal charges being filed and to project out, just a little further, if local law enforcement refuses, arrest warrants will be issued and we begin the process of exercising the Constitutional Citizen’s arrest which is an available option in most States.

The entire action ties together the need to resolve the crimes of Obama and the need to preclude this from ever happening again, in our State, by the enactment of the Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act which, along with the attached letter and Resolution will be mailed to our State Reps and Gov. in time for the GA special Legislative session and the Pitchfork Rally (my effort alone and not yet brought up to the rank and file county Republican membership) at the GA Capitol on Aug. 15th at 10 AM…