Marble Floor Maintenance

Maintaining your Marble Floors

If you are looking for the most elegant and refined flooring money can buy, then a polished marble floor is ideal.

Whether it is for your home, a public building, a spa or hotel, floors made of natural materials like marble, granite and stone have a timeless beauty and are becoming the top choice for people who want both luxury and durability in their floor coverings. To protect this type of floor looking great over time though, it is essential that you keep it in the best possible condition.

Scuffs and scratches, grime, marks and spillages will eventually take away the shine from your floor and leave you with a dull surface. Although regular polishing and buffing can keep some of the damage at bay, the only long term solution is ongoing professional floor restoration. Once the original shine of the surface has been scuffed, it makes further damage inevitable. Stains from spillages, for example, are more likely to occur when the shine has gone because a scratched surface is more porous.

Marble FlooringMarble Floor Restoration

Making the decision to maintain and restore your marble floors as needed is the best way to get the most out of your investment in this type of flooring. To maintain the breathtaking effect of a perfectly smooth and reflective marble surface through restoration cleaning and polishing is a negligible cost when compared to the expense of replacing damaged marble flooring.

If you are serious about keeping your floors in the best possible condition, it is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company rather than trying to clean the floors yourself. One very affordable way to clean floors is with spray buffing, a waterless process that removes dirt and applies a layer of polish, which acts as a sealant. The polish covers the porous material and prevents spills from absorbing into the floor. If you are considering floor restoration, the techniques used will be much more involved than buffing and polishing.

After the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, the top layer of stone is fused together, restoring the original glassy sheen and creating a more dazzling effect than polish can give. A professional floor restoration expert will not just treat the surface once and then leave it to deteriorate over time. They will maintain the shine with regular maintenance work, ensuring that the stone remains in perfect condition for longer than most of us will be around to admire it.