Residential House Plans

Residential House Plans

Selecting the right house plans is one of the most important steps in building a home. You probably have a pretty good idea what type of house you want, but you need to have a good set of plans to build.

When my wife and I set out to build our homes, we first decided on the basics design of the home. This can be done relatively easily now with the internet offering thousands of plans online to review prior to purchase.

To help we you should make a list of the basic requirements that you can’t live without in your new home. For example the number of bedrooms or number of bathrooms.

Then make another list of luxuries you are looking for, but can live without. The items on this list can range from outdoor swimming pool, the size of a kitchen or how many cars to fit in your garage.

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Our homes have been a culmination of several of the homes, we have either owned, or other homes that had certain features we liked. When we built our last home we spent many hours on the internet reviewing plans before we decided on the overall design.

After we choose the design of our home, we then bought the plans, and had them customized to fit our needs. Obtaining a good set of house plans has become much easier and cheaper over the last several years, because of the volume of pre-drawn plans on the internet. Just do some research online and take your time before you commit to any particular site.

Having plans drawn up totally custom by an architect is very expensive, but if you want a home that is totally custom, it may be your best route. There are plenty of online resources that provide price comparisons and help you with finding the perfect architect. Either way, I would start by reviewing plans online to formulate your ideas first before choosing.

One last comment. Please take your time choosing house plans. People have a tendency to hurry up and just get it done. This is not like buying a home that is pre-built, you make all the choices when you build your home. Always take the night to “Sleep” on it before making a decision.