How to set up a Grand Jury

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How to set up a Grand Jury!

1. Find as many people as you can, willing to be Common Law Grand Jurists first for a state jury and then once a state jury has convened begin to organize each county in your state from the state jury participates.  Obtain an emailing address such as  This information will be placed on the America Grand Jury site as contact information for people in your area interested in serving.

Qualification for a jurist is as follows:

1) A citizen of the United States;
2) A citizen of eighteen (18) years or older;
3) A resident of a State chartered within the United States of America
4)Were in possession of his/her natural faculties, of ordinary intelligence, of sound judgment and of fair character;
5) Possessed a sufficient knowledge of the English language;
6) Were not serving as a trial juror in any court;
7) Had not been convicted of a malfeasance in office, a felony, or other high crime;
8) Were not serving as an elected public officer.

  1. Set a date, time and place for your first meeting. This meeting can also coincide with convening the Grand Jury and you must select 25 of the qualified individuals to be Jurists. Any number additional jurists can be submitted as alternates.

Send an introductory email to friends, family, political associations and church members about your self, the Common Law Grand Jury and what we are doing.  You will be furnished with email attachments and web sites that can be included in your first point of contact,  which will be informative and helpful in explaining  “We The People Common Law Grand Jury” to your prospects.

3. It is advisable to request the use of your local courthouse and also advisable to try and find a former Judge to guide you through the process, but that is by no means required. All that is required is to have a Notary Public validate the Jurists, apply the Grand Juries Oath, and notarize the results.

Remember, We The People are the Fourth branch of government, equal in power to the other three and wholly separate and apart from the other three.

4. Find your meeting place: Courthouse, Community center, Library, or someone’s home. It matters not.

5. Have everyone in attendance at the meeting/Grand Jury sign in and keep those records. A simple vote of those attending will determine who is a Jurist and who will be an alternate. If you have only the required 25 you can skip this part. The Notary Public cannot be used as a Jurist.

6. Convene the Jurists either with a Judge or a Notary Public doing the swearing in or each juror can be emailed the American Grand Jury oath and get notarized and mailed to the County Jury Foreman.



Oath for swearing in Jurist.

“That I (jury member) shall diligently inquire, and true presentment make, of all such matters as may be given me before the jury, or shall come to my knowledge, touching such service. I shall present no person through prejudice or ill will, nor leave any un-presented through fear or favor, but in all my presentments shall endeavor to present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (affirmed) or so help me God (sworn).”

Do Not use the term Citizens of the State. You are People of the State!

7. Present your evidence. American Grand Jury has a password protected site that your jurors can review the evidence and answer a survey at the end of each piece of evidence.  All interaction, questions and answers will be recorded and sealed in a central location for purposes of empowering the Grand Jury.

Reasonable doubt is sufficient for an Indictment. And remember, it does not have to end with this (these Indictments). The Grand Jury should adjourn from their first session and re-convene at a later date (say 40 days after the Indictments have been presented) to take up other issues. Remember, it’s not a Common Law Grand Jury unless it is a “runaway Grand Jury”.

8. The Foreman of the Jury (the organizer of the county) will work with the American Grand Jury to formulate the Indictment in clear and precise terms that anyone can understand.

9. After securing the Indictment, American Grand Jury will take the information and put together the presentment.  The foreman will sign and have his/her signature notarized and sent to Bob Campbell of American Grand Jury.  Each state will have a command center that will mail out a presentment with instructions when requested by the jurist who served.

  1. Take the Indictment(s) to your local Sheriff (allcountySheriffs in your state if you wish), State Federal Prosecutor of all State districts, and the State Attorney General.
  2.  Make them sign off on having received the Indictment (a cover/form is furnished with the presentment) and advise them that it is their duty to pursue criminal prosecution.
  3. Post the results (not the actual Indictment, as a Grand Jury is secretive in nature and we must honor the oath taken), and you can have your Foreman issue a statement that an Indictment has been reached to the local or county newspapers, radio and TV stations.  American Grand Jury will also post a press release on its web site.That’s it folks, so grab the Bull by the horns and get this done in all fifty states ASAP, before we sink into absolute Tyranny or Dictatorship.

    They cannot ignore the Fourth Branch of Government!  We the People will not allow it!!